Autumn Nail Polishes I’m Loving



If you know me at all, you’ll know I love nail polish and I almost always have my nails painted. OPI and Essie are my two favourite brands, I think they have some of the best formulas and always have really nice seasonal releases. Here are a few I’ve been itching to wear since the end of the summer. While I love bright colours and pastels, by September I was so ready for some darker colours.

OPI Yank My Doodle is from the new Kerry Washington + OPI Washington DC collection. All of the colours from this collection are just gorgeous, but this on is by far my favourite! It’s just so unique! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour quite like it. It’s a beautiful, glossy terracotta, orangy-brown which is just so so flattering and I’ve been using it probably every other time I paint my nails.

Essie Angora Cardi is a colour I come back to every year. It looks great on everyone and is dark but not too dark if that makes sense? It’s just a universally flattering dusty rose shade, and is a colour I think everyone needs! It doesn’t chip very much on me and I’ve probably used about half the bottle!

OPI Worth a Pretty Penne came out last year in OPI’s 2015 Autumn/Winter collection and is a neutral shimmery/glittery shade if that makes sense and is even possible. Back when I was in sixth form Models Own Champagne was one of my favourite nail polishes because it was a neutral metallic, and this is just a rose gold version of that. It’s a bit more subtle than a regular glitter nail polish but it’s a bit more special than a regular nude nail colour. I always think this would make a good wedding/bridesmaid colour for some reason but I have no idea why.

OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees is a not quite black, super dark grey which I love.It’s actually the colour I wore to my sixth form prom! The formula of this one isn’t the best strangely seeing as it’s a dark colour it’s quite sheer and takes three coats, but it’s still amazing. I think the Washington DC collection has a similar shade. I personally find it a bit more flattering then black nail polish, I just think black nails can look a bit harsh on me personally.

OPI Lost on Lombard is one of my favourite dark reds. It’s not so dark that it just looks black but it’s not a super bright cherry red, it’s a good medium. I’m pretty sure it’s still available but if not Essie Fishnet Stockings is pretty similar.

OPI Guys & Galaxies came out last Christmas and is a super dark, super glossy burgundy red. I feel like this colour is just the epitome of autumn/winter nails. It also looks really good with a bit of gold glitter over the top.


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