TV Shows to Binge Watch this Autumn

I’m heading back up north this week to start my final year of university. I know one thing me and the girls I’m living with are definitely going to do is cosy up in our flat in pyjamas with tea (or wine) and cake, and watch something together. Here are a few of my TV show recommendations and the shows I think we’re going to watch.

gilmore_girls_season1_keyartGilmore Girls
 With the new episodes coming out this November it’s the perfect excuse to rewatch it from the very beginning! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Luke and Lorelai getting back together!

Gavin and Stacey gavin-and-stacey-series-2A modern day classic in my opinion, and it’s one of my all time favourite shows. I’ve watched this so many times, I even bought the complete series and Christmas special on iTunes.

mas_agatha_raisin_s01-ingestedAgatha Raisin My friend Emily loves the books the series was based on but didn’t watch the series when aired so we’re definitely going to be catching up on this.

Pretty Little Liars clkxigowaaaoerpI think because this is finally coming to an end now would be the time to watch it from the start. I do think that the show should have ended when they announced who A was in season 6 instead of dragging it out for another series, but I’m hooked!

2000px-friends_letras_brancas_fundo_preto-svgFriends Everyone loves friends. It’s just one of those programs you can stick on when your cooking or working. It’s just great to have on in the background even if you’ve seen every episode a million times before!


Obviously I’m going to be watching Bake Off too, but what else should we be watching this year?

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