My Venture Into At Home Gel Nail Polish


Its a well known fact I love painting my nails. I’ve been intrigued by at home gel manicure kits for a while now. I did a lot of research into them in the start of the year, but only just got round to actually buying one.

The two kits I was looking at in particular were the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Sets and the Sensationail Starter Kits. They both seemed pretty similar in the quality of the lamp and the price. Red Carpet Manicure was slightly more expensive but the polishes that come with the starter kits are 9ml compared to the 3.5ml bottles that come with the Sensationail starter kits, and in the Red Carpet Manicure kit you also get a bottle of nail polish remover and a cuticle oil.

Eventually I decided that one of these kits would be a good way to spend all the Boots points I’d collected. That meant I had to go for one of the Sensationail started kits, and the one I liked the most was the Coral Sunset Starter Kit.

This set includes:

  • LED Gel Lamp
  • Gel Cleanser 15ml
  • Gel Primer 3.5ml
  • Gel Polish in Sunset Coral 3.5ml
  • Gel Base and Top Coat 3.5ml
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Double Sided Nail Buffer
  • A Pack of Nail Shields

I’ve had this kit for a few weeks now and I’ve used it a couple of different ways. First I tried using it in the normal way with the gel base, gel colour, then the gel top coat. For me this lasted a good 10 days before it really started chipping, and even then, most of the bad chips I ended up with were were my actual nail chipped or broke. personally after about 10 days I was ready to change the colour up. I also painted my toenails at the same time and they’re still completely chip free. I can definitely see myself using this on my toes from now on, especially in the summer!

I have also tried using regular nail polish with this as the base and top coat to see how long it lasts. It gives an even glossier finish than my favourite Seche Vite Top Coat and lasts a good week and a half on me. This means that I can still use all my favourites but have them last even longer than normal.

When I first used it I thought I’d done something wrong because it was tacky and sticky even after I’d finished curing the top coat. I didn’t realise that you had to use the cleanser after you’d finished as well as before, but once I googled and figured that part out it looked great.

I will say, even when using a normal nail polish it’s a pain to remove! Not quite as bad as some glitter nail polishes, but I’m definitely not going to be using the gel top and base coat for a glitter manicure any time soon!

I definitely think this was worth the money, and I can see myself and my friends getting a lot of use out of it this summer and next year.

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