My Current Favourite Cookbooks


I love cookbooks! I probably have way more than I actually need! I love looking through them for dinner inspiration and baking ideas. Sometimes I just like to look at the pictures. Here’s a run-down on the three I’ve been loving recently.

Primrose Bakery Christmas I know this is a Christmas cookbook but that doesn’t really matter. Everything I’ve made from this book has been delicious and I literally want to make everything in it!

New York Cult Recipes I wanted this book for about a year before I actually got it. I think I either got it for my birthday or Christmas this past year. The french toast recipe is delicious, I think the next thing I’m going to make will be the New York Cheesecake! Every time I look through it I really want to go to New York again!

Cravings This book was a mission for me to get! When it first came out, I almost bought it on Amazon then thought I’d go and see if it was in Waterstone. It wasn’t and then it was sold out on Amazon! I literally checked everyday on Amazon until it came back in stock and I snapped it up as soon as I saw it available again! This is probably my favourite of the three at the moment. I think Chrissy Teigen’s personality comes out so well in her little captions about the recipes and it makes me want to make every single recipe in the book. The basil chicken was super delicious, the dutch pancake was a bit of a fail for me but still tasted amazingly good. The crispy hash browns recipe is now a weekend staple for me! I can’t wait to try the courgette fries and the Lemony Arugula Spaghett, they’re next on my list of things to make!

If you’re on the fence about getting any of these, get off the fence and go buy them!

What other cookbooks do I need?

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