The Spring Nail Polish Edit


Back in the autumn I did a mini series on here; the Autumn Edit Series. I’ve decided to do a Spring Series too and there’s no better way to kick it off than me talking about nail polishes.

You may be able to sense a theme with these nail colours, they’re all light, off white, pastels. My favourite shades to wear this time of year.

Essie Chillato was one of my favourites last spring/summer (check out my post on it here). It’s stunning, probably one of the best shades Essie has to offer and the formula is amazing, especially for such a light shade.

Nails Inc White Horse Street and Nails Inc Swan Street are both from the New White collection that I was obsessed with when it came out last year. If they ever expanded this collection I would be first in line to pick up the new shades! They’re not streaky, don’t chip and are flattering on everyone!

OPI Lets Be Friends is from the Hello Kitty Collection and is the best pale pink nail polish I own, it’s creamy, glossy and beautiful and makes it look like I have a tan even though I really don’t right now! I don’t know why more people weren’t talking about this colour and collection because the formulas of all the shade I bought are excellent! OPI’s killing it with all its collections so far this year! I need their new Soft Shade collection in my life!

OPI Be There In A Prosecco is one of my go-to shades for when I can’t decide what to use. It is very very similar to OPI My Vampire Is Buff, another favourite of mine. This is a creamy, nude, bone shade which is so flattering. I am obsessed with it!

Basically I’m just obsessed with pastels that make me look tanned when I’m not or even more tanned when I actually am!

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