My Handbag Travel Essentials


DSC00781aDSC00782aI spend a lot of time on trains, either visiting friends at different universities or going home for the weekend to see my family. There are a few things I always like to have on me when I’m travelling.

Here’s a little run down of the things I like to have on me on these occasions.

Obviously I have my phone on me, I always download my tickets to it when I’m going home. The Virgin Ticket Wallet app means I never have to worry about losing my tickets or not having enough time to pick them up at the station. At the moment I’m using this phone case from Dome8. I really wish I had one like this for my iPod back in the day. It would have saved my headphones from getting tangled and damaged every time they went in my bag or pocket.

Next is my iPad. If I’m going home its at least a 2 hour journey so I always like having a film or a couple episodes of a tv show downloaded to it. At the moment I’m obsessed with Forever. I always try to either have this or a book in my bag.

Next is this little makeup bag I got for my birthday a couple years ago. I like to keep all the little odds and ends from my bag in here so I don’t lose them and so they aren’t just rolling around in the bottom of my bag. I keep a spare phone cable, my Powergen portable charger, glasses cleaner, hair bands and grips, and a minature Stylfile. All things I get a lot of use out of!

Is there anything I’m missing? What are your handbag travel essentials?


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