Candy Cane Nail Art



Easy candy cane nail art is something I’ve done on my nails the past two years for Christmas. You may have guessed I’m all about the Christmas spirit and I don’t think you can go overboard when it comes to getting festive. I think my house in the future will probably end up looking like something out of Whoville if I get any say in it.

PicMonkey Collage

Anyway, nail art doesn’t have to be hard and this candy cane art definitely looks harder to do than it actually is.

First paint all the nails you are doing the art on with two coats of white nail polish.

Next using a nail striper brush or a toothpick paint diagonal red lines across your nails.

Following the red lines on the candy cane use a silver or gold glitter (this year I used gold) to add some thin lines.

Top with top coat and leave to dry!

That’s it. I know you’ll impress everyone with your christmassy nails. I always get loads of compliments on mine.

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