A Few Tips For Last Minute Christmas Shoppers


I’m not a last minute shopper. I like to get everything sorted as soon as possible, then I don’t have to worry about it and I don’t have to go out into the shops when they’re super crazy.

Get as much as you can online most shops now are delivering right up until Christmas eve, and a lot also have online exclusive offers too. I’ve probably got about half of my gifts in store and half on Amazon Prime.

Check and see if items are available in a store near you. I know you can definitely do this from Boots and Topshop, and a lot of other websites give you the option to see if it’s actually in stock in a physical shop near you.

Make a list of who you need to buy for, if you know who you’re looking for you’re less likely to just end up wondering round aimlessly. I like to get what I need and get out when the shops are busy, so I like to make a list of who I need to shop for and a couple rough ideas of what I could get them.

Have a look online to get a few ideas. If you know what you’re looking for it’s usually easier to actually find it, or at least find something similar.

Go late night shopping. I really like late night shopping, especially in Leeds. The Trinity Centre is always fairly empty after about 6pm, it even  was when I went in on Black Friday! It’s so much easier shopping for people when you can actually move around and take your time.

If you end up failing at Christmas shopping, vouchers, subscriptions or home made gifts can always work too.

Hope this helped any last minute shoppers!


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