My Favourite Films For The Christmas

In my family on Christmas day, after we’ve eaten, we all slowly make our way into the living room and put on a DVD to watch or fall asleep to. It’s usually a film one of us has received for Christmas but not always. Here are a few of my favourite films to watch over the Christmas season.

91+kg9h6FSL._SL1500_Nativity! If you know me at all you’ll know this is my all time favourite Christmas film. It has been since my best friend Hannah and I went to see it in the cinema way back in 2009. I probably know all the words to it and I’m not even ashamed of that.

515TTHDF2QLChicken Run I don’t actually think this is a Christmas film but in my mind it is. I think that’s because it’s always on BBC on Christmas morning but who knows. You can’t beat a bit of Aardman claymation on Christmas.

51zSIeLxuxLRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer This is another favourite of mine, it’s a classic. I remember watching it with my brother and sister when we were younger and it’s a favourite of my friend Mandy as well.

91WY+rFX+3L._SL1500_Arthur Christmas I think this only came out last year but it was a favourite with my whole family. We all loved it. I definitely think it’ll be a new classic like Elf or A Christmas Carol.

519F5PT6NQLHow The Grinch Stole Christmas I’m not the biggest fan of Jim Carrey but I do love this film. It’s strange seeing a very young Taylor Momsen and Christine Baranski dressed as Whos but I love it.

71pDdw3qU5L._SL1500_The Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special I know this isn’t actually a film but along with the Dr Who Christmas Specials and all the other ones that are on around Christmas it’s something I just love to watch. It’s in Netfix at the moment and I’ve already watched it a fair few times. I’m really tempted to buy it and download it to my iPad. Part of me is still gutted really sad that Gavin and Stacey ended so soon.

I realised while I was writing this that almost all of these remind me of my friend Hannah, I’m so sad I had to miss our annual Christmas film day this year.

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