Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Peppermint hot chocolate is one of my all time favourite Christmas drinks! It is what I would always go for in Starbucks from their festive menu. I’m so disappointed they didn’t bring it back at all this year! (Starbucks UK if you’re reading this please bring back the Peppermint Hot Chocolate and the Peach Green Tea Lemonade they have in the states!)

If I can’t get it at Starbucks I’m just going to have to make it on my own, that also means I can have it all year round and whenever I want one. Here’s the recipe I came up with, it’s super easy to make and I hope you enjoy it!


  • 1 cup milk (any kind)
  • 25g mint chocolate
  • whipped cream to top

First you want to grate or finely chop the chocolateĀ into fine pieces so it will melt easily.

Next gently heat up the milk in a sauce pan.

Add the chocolate shavings to the milk and stir until it melts and the milk is heated.

Pour into a mug, top with a little whipped cream and enjoy!

I think a splash of Baileys would also be great added in too! You can find my Baileys hot chocolate recipe from last year here!

4 thoughts on “Peppermint Hot Chocolate

  1. Wow, I was disappointed to see there was none on the Costa Coffee Christmas menu, would never have thought of doing that! Going to try it out this weekend. Thanks!


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