Christmas Gift Guide: For The Girl Who Has Everything

I feel like everyone has at least one person in their life who is just impossible to buy for and seems to have everything. Here are a few things I think would make a great gift for a girl who seems to have everything. You can find a bigger selection on my Pinterest board here.


Dressing gowns were¬†something I never really understood the point in until recently. I bought a really soft, cosy one from Primark and it is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, I always get ready in it in the morning, and snuggle up in it before bed. I’m truly a dressing gown convert! I love this one from Topshop, and it comes in a few different colours!

Yankee Candle tart burners are something we’ve had around our house for years now, I like this white one, and my favourite scent at the moment is the Mandarin and Cranberry scent.

Slippers are something I love, my favourite kind are the boot ones. Accessorize, Next and Fat Face do some really nice ones, and everyone will use a pair of slippers!

Photos and photo frames are great gifts, I love this frame from Sass and Belle and it comes in both this brown and then a brushed white as well, and in different sizes.

Colouring books are another great gift idea, I have a couple and find it really relaxing to put on a film and colour for a bit, there’s a reason why kids love it! I love this one on Amazon and also this Liberty’s one. One of these and some nice colouring pencils or fine liners would make a wonderful little gift.

That’s my final gift guide, coming up in a couple of days is a bit of Christmas baking!

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