Christmas Gift Guide: For The Girl Who Loves Baking

Baking is something me, my sister and the girls I live with love to do, and baking bits and bobs definitely make great gifts. You can find my Pinterest board with all my baking gift ideas here but for now here are a few of my favourites.


Measuring cups come in a wide variety of styles nowadays, and with so many recipes online using American cup measurements, a nice set of measuring cups makes a great gift. I love these pastel ones from Sass and Belle, and I’ve seen some beautiful copper ones in Sainsbury’s. You can find them everywhere at the moment!

Next is something I actually have, one of my best friends gave me one of these personalised wooden spoons for my birthday last year, I love it and I’ve gone on to give them as gifts myself.

Cake Stands are another gift idea, I love this Mary Berry one and I’ve seen some nice ones in Marks and Spencer as well.

Cook books are one thing I can’t get enough of, last year I got the Primrose Bakery Christmas book which has amazing pictures as well as some delicious recipes in. The Great British Bake Off books and the Mary Berry ones are also great options.

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