Snooping Through My Friend’s Makeup Stash


A couple weekends ago I was in Newcastle visiting my friend Catherine. While I was there to used it as an opportunity to have a bit of a snoop through her makeup bag and collection. I always like seeing what my friends are using, liking and even not enjoying. You never know when you’re going to stumble across something you love!

It was through Cat I tried out MAC Pinch O Peach blush, that she’s obsessed with, and now every time I visit I always end up using it, and we do a bit of a makeup bag swap when we get ready. She’s also obsessed with her Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that’s as well loved as her’s is! She’s hit pan on almost all of the shades, I don’t know what she’ll do when her favourites actually run out!

Catherine also introduced me to the L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation which is probably one of the best foundations out there for oily skin, staying matte without powder and without making you look really cakey. We only wish they had a better shade range! We both find the colour selection a little bit too pink toned. It’s definitely a foundation to try out if you have oily or combination skin. It has a seal of approval from both of us!

The Collection concealer is obviously a cult classic, and she loves it for redness and blemishes, but prefers to use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer for under her eyes.

Her Hoola bronzer is another product I always steal whenever I visit her, she loves it because even though she’s really (really) pale it never looks too orange or muddy, but just adds a bit more dimension to her face, and because it has no shimmer in it, it works great as a contour as well.

Literally everything Catherine recommends to me I want to buy and if I do I love it, I could probably blame her for a fair portion of my makeup collection. I think the next thing I’ll be picking up on her recommendation is MAC Plumful, she’s nearly finished her’s and I always think that’s a good sign of love when it comes to lipstick!

4 thoughts on “Snooping Through My Friend’s Makeup Stash

  1. What an awesome post idea! I always love snooping through friends collections or questioning them about why they love or decided to purchase a product. I finished my MAC Plumful up this year if that’s any more reason for you to buy it!

    xx Julia


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