Easy Skull Halloween Nail Art


Happy Halloween! I’m sorry for the delay on posts, I’ve been having some internet issues which aren’t quite fixed yet but should be soon. Here’s a simple step by step guide for the skull nail art I’ve done for Halloween the past few years.

IMG_5866Step 1. First apply a white polish for the base colour of the skull.

Step 2. Using a dotting tool, a toothpick or a cocktail stick make two eyes using black nail polish.

Step 3. Paint the two bottom corners of your nails black to create the shape of the skull, this can be done using a thin brush.

Step 4. Make two small lines in the shape of an upside down v to make the nose.

Step 5. Paint a thin line a little up from the bottom of the nail to make the line of the mouth,

Step 6. Mark a number of small dashes along the line to finish off the mouth.

Step 7. Finish with top coat and paint the remainder of your nails whatever colour you like.

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