A Guide For Starting Uni and Surviving Freshers

It’s that time of year again when people across the country are starting to head off to university. No matter where you’re going here are a few tips and pieces of advice from my friends and I for all of you who are starting uni this year.

IMG_5261Everyone’s in the same boat as you. Everyone is probably just as nervous as you, don’t feel like you’re the odd one out for feeling scared or homesick, chances are you’re not the only one. You’re going to end up finding some of the best friends you could ever have!

Make the most of it. You’re young, now is the time to say yes and try out as many different clubs or sports as you can.

Be yourself. Don’t be afraid that no one will like you if you’re not yourself. Be you and you’ll make friends. There’s going to be all sorts of different people living in halls you’ll be okay.

If don’t feel like going out you don’t have to. There’s always going to be other people in your halls who don’t feel like going out every night, don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to. Why not have a movie or Netflix night with duvets and popcorn!IMG_5259

Keep your door open and meet people. Don’t shut yourself away in your room, keep your door propped open for the first few days to try and get to know people, and if you’re feeling homesick, go into the kitchen or one of your flatmates rooms and do something with them to take your mind off of it!

Food is always a great way to make friends. That could be baking with a couple of your house mates, always having a pack of gum in your bag or being the one to bring snacks to lectures. Food is always a good way to try to break the ice and make friends. Flat meals can also be a great way of bonding and saving a bit of money if you decide to cook as a group.

IMG_5254Don’t go too crazy when your student loan goes in! Everyone goes on a bit of a spending spree when their loan first goes in but try not to go too crazy. You’re going to need that money for later on in the term, and will regret it if you blow it all in the first two weeks. It’s also a lot easier to figure out a rough weekly budget after you’ve had your initial splurge.

Always eat before a night out. You’ll seriously regret it in the morning if you don’t so don’t risk it! Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

IMG_5253Be prepared for the morning after! Make sure you have some kind of food, water and head ache medicine by your bed for after a night out. You may not be able to face heading into the world just yet but food and water always help.

Keep some emergency cash on hand! I always kept £20 in a pocket in my bag or in my phone case just in case something happens. I don’t think I’ve ever had to use it but it’s always good to have in case you can’t afford a taxi home at the end of a night or if you lose your bank card.

Sign up for a young person’s rail card. A 16-25 rail card gets you 1/3 off train tickets which makes it so much cheaper to go home or to visit friends for the weekend. And if you’re at uni in London you can load it onto you’re oyster card and it makes travel around London so much cheaper! I think Santander are offering four year rail cards if you open a student account with them.

Most of all just make the most of it, enjoy it! Make friends and have fun, it’ll be one of the best years of your life!

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