OPI Venice 2015 Part 1

The OPI Venice Collection was something I had been anxiously anticipating ever since I saw initial promo images way back in the Spring! I was that person who was checking Amazon at least once a day to see if they had been released on there yet (because sometimes they are a few days early!) and was looking at swatches online at every chance I had. I think it’d be fair to say I am obsessed!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for an OPI release since the 2013 San Francisco Collection or the 2013 Mariah Carey Christmas Collection.

So far I only have three but it’s my birthday this week so fingers crossed I may get a few more, and if not I’m sure I’ll be buying them some time soon. Now onto the ones I do have:


Worth A Pretty Penne is a gorgeous rose gold with silver shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s opaque in two coats and isn’t streaky at all like some shimmery and metallic colours can be. I don’t have anything quite like it, the most similar polish I have is Butter London’s Goss but that’s still completely different.


O Suzi Mio is an amazing dark purple, but it’s nit the kind of purple that just ends up looking black in most lights, you can still tell that it’s purple. This polish reminds me of Siberian Nights which I think was either the first or second OPI I ever bought, and it’s just as good as that, opaque in two coats and really glossy!


I Cannoli Wear OPI is the first one from this collection that I bought. With that name it was hard not to! I’ve really been loving all of these off white shades this past summer, I’m pretty sure all I wore was the Nails Inc New White collection for probably a month straight! This polish is a beautiful off white, blueish-grey. I’m in love with it!

I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more of them! I think next on my list is A Great Opera-Tunity, Tiramisu For Two and It’s A Piazza Cake.

What one’s have you got or are planning on picking up?

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