Urban Decay Naked Smoky


When I first saw promo pictures and press releases on the Naked Smoky palette I was convinced I didn’t need it, I was perfectly happy with by Naked 1 and Naked 3 palettes. Then I kept seeing pictures and blog posts of it, and every time I looked at it I could feel myself caving. Then my friend bought it and I knew I had to have it.


Like the other Naked palettes the Smoky is made up of twelve shadows, four glittery shimmery shades, four satin finish shades, and four matte shades. In this palette each of the different finishes of the shadows are grouped together unlike in the other palettes.


Left to Right: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor

The shimmery glittery colours are really beautiful, and they don’t have too much fall out which I find can happen with the Urban Decay glittery shades.

Dirtysweet and Radar are definitely my two favourites. Dirtysweet is a really good gold, and I think I prefer it to Half Baked and Trick, the golds from the other Naked palettes. Radar is a gorgeous light bronze shade that I love all over the lid.

High is a light shimmery pink, similar to Sin and Dust from the Naked 1 and 3.Β Armor is a greyish taupe. I find this shade a little difficult to wear without it looking like I have a black eye, but it’s still a really beautiful shadow.


Left to Right: Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder

These shades are definitely my less used so far, but that’s mainly because I don’t wear a black smoky eye everyday for work. They are all really lovely pigmented shadows, and Black Market and Smolder both make really good liners, which is how I’ve been using them so far. My birthday is coming up though so hopefully I’ll be able to give these shades a bit more love then.


Left to Right: Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen

Now onto the four matte shades. I love all of these. Combust is probably my favourite shade in the whole palette which is pretty boring but it’s the one that I used every day, and with every eye look. Whisky is a great eyeliner shade and crease shade, and Thirteen is a great inner corner highlight.

If you’re on the fence about buying this palette I will say you probably don’t need it if you have the others, but at the same time it’s probably the most versatile of the three that I have. You can do a matte eye look, a bronzy gold eye look and a smoky look all with the same palette, so it would be good for travel or if you’re going off to uni. It does make a good all round palette.

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Smoky

  1. Hey πŸ™‚

    I actually only own the Naked Basics palette, as I found tha tI most likely would never use all the shades in the regular Nakeds. There’s so many and they are all pretty similar when it comes to shades – there was usually a theme going on and it was way too similar. (Especially the Naked 3 – it’s like THE palette for blue eyes, with all the pink tones… heaven for the blues!) When promo pictures for this palette came out, I actually really liked it adn thought that it was incredible. Like you said, it’s the most versatile palette of them all.
    So, hopefully, I’ll get it one day. πŸ™‚

    Lovely review!

    Have a nice day. πŸ™‚


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    1. I think the first naked palette is pretty versatile at least for me, but this would definitely be the one to recommend if you don’t have any of them. I find most of the shades in my naked basics palette to be too pale for me so don’t use it as much as I’d like.
      Have a great day too!

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