Essie Chillato


Essie’s Summer collection is always highly anticipated and something to look forward to, and this years collection does not disappoint. The collection covers all the bases perfectly in my opinion with a mix of bright colours and more muted shades, all of which I think would be flattering on a lot of skin tones, and all of which are right up my street.

I had such a hard time finding them and when I finally did they only had a few left and only one that I actually wanted to get. I haven’t been able to find them since so some online searching for the rest may be in store for me.

The one shade I did get it Chillato. It’s a gorgeous lime yellow nail polish that’s opaque in two to three coats. 

On me I think it pulls a bit more to the yellow side but I’ve seen it appear more green on other people. I have a thing for yellow nail polish, I was obsessed with OPI Life Gave Me Lemons last summer, and this year I’m obsessed with this!

The only other shade they had in boots when I found them was Peach Side Babe which is beautiful but a bit too similar to Tart Deco, which I love, for me to justify getting both.

I really wanted to get Private Weekend, a lovely bright white, which in the bottle looks like it has a slight shimmer but in swatches doesn’t appear to show through. 

I think all the colours in this collection would amp up even the slightest hint of a tan which is maybe why I need them all!

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