Baileys and Malteser Cheesecake

You may be able to tell by now my mum and I love a bit of Baileys, so when we found this recipe we knew it was one we would have to try.

Here’s what you’ll need:
100g butter
250g ginger biscuits (the recipe said to use shortbread but I find these make the best biscuit base)
600g cream cheese
300ml double cream
50ml Baileys
120g icing sugar
135g Maltesers 

1. Melt the butter in a pan or a microwave in 30 second intervals then crush the biscuits and stir into the melted butter.
2. Pour the mix into a deep spring form tin and press down, then leave to set in a fridge for about an hour. 
3. In a medium sized bowl, whip the cream until stiff.
4. In a second bowl lightly whisk the cream cheese with the Baileys and icing sugar (do not over-whisk!)
5. Fold in the whipped cream a third at a time, then crush and fold in the Maltesers.
6. Spread this evenly over the biscuit base and leave in the fridge to set for a minimum of 3 hours.
7. Once the cheesecake has set completely you can either leave it as it is, or decorate as you wish. I used more Maltesers to decorate mine.

Once you’ve done this you have a show stopping dessert that will definitely be a hit!


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