Top Tips For Statement Lips

It’s no secret I love lipstick, and I’m a lot more likely to reach for a bold colour than a nude when I wear it. Here are my top five tips to wearing a bold lip choice:

Keep it Moisturised and Exfoliated. Making sure you’re lips are properly exfoliated and moisturised is always key! It makes the lipstick easier to apply, because your lips are more nourished so it the lipstick is less likely to cling any chapped patches. 

Lip Liner. If you’re using a lip liner, don’t just line the outline of your lips, fill them in completely. This will help your lipstick last longer, and won’t just leave a line around your lips if the lipstick wears away a bit. 

Keep it Neutral. Keeping the rest of your makeup fairly natural can help balance out a bold lip, and prevent your make up from looking a bit over the top for day to day wear. 

Don’t Forget to Blot. This is always key, applying thin layers and blotting in between can help your lipstick last longer, and of course blotting can help prevent the dreaded lipstick on the teeth scenario. 

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