Battle of the Apocalips

I was shopping the other day with a couple of friends and came across the display for the new Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvets. I was never the biggest fan of the original glossy formula, mainly because whenever I wear them part of me is always worrying about it ending up smeared across my face, but these new matte ones are right up my street. 

The collection consists of five colours so far, which I’m sure will increase, as it did with the original ones, for only £6.49 in boots (and they’re currently on two for £10!). So far I’ve only got one, in the colour Meteoric Matte, which, surprise surprise is a dark purple/berry colour. Now after wearing it a few times, and loving the formula and staying power I definitely want to get my hands on a couple more shades!

I do have to admit the formula for these was a bit drying, as most matte lipsticks are, and they will cling to dry patches on the lips if they aren’t properly exfoliated and moisturised, but that happens with lots of matte lipsticks.

I also think that the names of the original ones are slightly better, and the glossy packaging is nicer than the matte one, but hey, what’s in a name?

I can’t wait to get back to Boots so I can add Orange-Ology and Burning Lava to my stash!

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