Autumn Anticipation

The start of September means two things to me, my birthday and that autumn is on our horizons. Autumn is my favourite season because it means crisper weather and curling up with a hot cup of tea. The colder weather also means its time to crack out all those cosy scarves, jumpers, and boots. Let’s not forget to mention the excuse it gives us to switch it up with our nails and makeup.

Warm and shimmery eyes. I can’t wait to start digging back into my Urban Decay Naked palette, this summer if I’ve been wearing makeup at all I’ve mainly been sticking with my Naked Basic palette or the Mac paint pot in Rubenesque for my eyes, but now my naked palette is calling to me, and I know I’m definitely going to be getting my money’s worth for it.

Berries and vampy lips. I’ve already jumped the gun a bit on this one and have already started wearing my Topshop lipstick in Beguiled. I love wearing this lightly dabbed on the lips with lip balm over top, or wearing it full force in all it’s vampy glory!

Bundled and booted. I love jumpers from Oasis, they may be a bit higher in price but the quality of them is amazing, they last for years! For autumn and winter shoes and boots Topshop and New Look are the places to go, especially for affordable boots that are good quality. 

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