Harper’s Island

I’m always on the look out for new television shows to watch, and recently my dad and I have been watching Harper’s Island.

This show consists of only 13 episodes, but is littered with deaths, secrets, and suspense. Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) and a number of guests return to the island for the wedding of her best friend. Seven years previously, there had been a series of violent murders on the island, including that of her mother. The return to this island triggers a new spree of murders, with the wedding guest and party beginning to go missing one by one.

This is probably not the show for you if you’re a bit squeamish, or don’t like blood, but if that doesn’t put you off this is definitely one to watch! This thriller keeps the suspense going throughout, and keeps you speculating who the killer is right up until the end.

You can tell this series is of its time especially because of some of the fashion, and the fact they all still have flip phones, but this is such a great tv show! Think Lost meets Midsummer Murders.

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