Poolside Essentials

A few friends and I recently spent a week away in Corfu, and I have a few products that were essentials for my trip away!
1. Sun cream is obvious, but what people always forget is there lips, and nothing’s worse than burnt lips, so a lip balm with  SPF is essential!  I’m loving the Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast, it’s moisturising, smells amazing and protects your lips from the sun! 
2. Hair ties and bobby pins, keeping my hair off my neck and face are always a must for when I’m in the heat or in and out of the water. I really like scunci no damage hair elastics because they don’t pull on my hair or get tangled in it.
3. Aftersun! My personal favourite is the Nivea Moisturising After Sun Lotion with Aloe Vera,
Top Tip: Leave it in the fridge during the day so its cold and even more soothing when you come to use it.
4. Hair oil, helps prevent frizz, and adds moisture to your hair after a day in the sun or in and out of the water, my favourite is the Got2b Oil-licious Styling oil.
5. The last essential is of course, water! You’ve got to keep hydrated in the summer heat!
Hope everyone’s looking forward to their summers!

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