Cold Weather Must Haves…

When the weather is cold, there’s nothing worse than dry skin, here are my essentials to beat the cold winter months.

One of the worst things about cold weather is chapped lips, that’s where my Lush lip scrub and Nivea Lip butter comes in. I exfoliate my lips every night, then I liberally apply the lip butter letting it soak into my lips over night. 
For my face I’ve been loving the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Intense Moisture, this can be worn overnight or under foundation, and leaves my skin feeling thoroughly hydrated, and also helps with some discolouration and scarring for me.
The Vaseline deep conditioning cocoa butter has always been a favourite no matter what time of the year as it leaves my skin looking and smelling great.
Finally in the cold months keeping your hands hydrated is essential, as is a good hand cream. My favourite is currently the Norwegian Formula concentrated hand cream, with this stuff a little goes a long way, and has really helped with the dry skin on my hands. The very last essential for me is along the same lines and is a nail oil. I’m currently loving the Essie Apricot oil, and apply it every evening to the skin around my nails and directly onto the nails, allowing it to soak in a bit before I paint them, this has helped prevent hangnails, and if you keep your nails hydrated they are less likely to peel or break! Another great nail oil is the Sally Hansen vitamin E and cuticle oil, both have done wonders for my nails.
Happy new year! 
Alice x

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